One Hour Power Point Lectures

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1.  Is There a Winning Quilt in Your Dreams?
As an experienced quilt show judge, Kathy has developed her “Top Ten Tips for Entering Quilt Shows.” Learn about choosing and entering quilt show, preparing and shipping your quilts and what happens to your quilts on the judging floor. Kathy will discuss the criteria used for judging a variety of techniques and the importance of color, fabric and design choices for award-winning quilts.

2. Quilts with Great Edges 
Kathy has a collection of 25 quilts with great edges. They include antique and new quilts and are featured in this lecture. The history of edge treatments as well as helpful hints for making successful edges on your quilts is included in this lecture. 

3. Tell Me About My Grandma’s Quilt 
Kathy has studied the history of quilts and how to care for and repair them. Bring your antique or new quilts and Kathy will discuss their age, style and pattern. This is an exciting lecture because it gives the audience an opportunity to learn more about their Grandma’s quilt. Kathy will discuss finishing antique blocks and quilt tops, repair techniques, shipping, storing and displaying quilts.  Value assessments for quilts brought for the lecture will not be discussed.
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4.  Color & Design for Quilt Makers
Kathy has been watching the crowds at quilt shows as much as she has been looking at the quilts.  She has learned what colors and designs made the “show stoppers.” Kathy will discuss what makes a successful design and how to choose the best colors and fabrics for your quilts. Because quilt makers often come to quilt making with a craft or sewing background rather than an art background, they often find it difficult to design and make original quilts. This is a great lecture to provide the audience with basic design and color principles and to help everyone think outside the box.
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5. Making Do … Surviving the Great Depression
The 1930's were one of the most difficult periods in our country’s history. Learn what events caused the Great Depression and what life was like during that time. Kathy will share quilts from the time when everyone learned how to “make do.”

The photo at the right is a display at the Houston Quilt Festival of some of Kathy's Depression Era quilts during a luncheon lecture.  
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6. Simply Amish … Their History, Lifestyle & Quilts
In 1980, Kathy became friends with members of the Amish community in Western Wisconsin. She became fascinated with their history, lifestyle and quilts.  During this lecture, Kathy will share Amish-made items from her collection, stories and her favorite Amish recipes. You will learn about Amish religious beliefs, the history of their quilt making, dress codes, buggies, Amish schools and farms during this intriguing lecture.
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